World’s Most Reputable Companies

Forbes released a list of the top 100 reputable companies, and a few camera manufacturers made the list. See where your favourite companies listed.

It appears Nikon did not make the top 100 list.

1 Google (GOOG) U.S. 79.99
2 Apple (AAPL) U.S. 79.77
3 The Walt Disney Company (DIS) U.S. 79.51
4 BMW Germany 79.42
5 LEGO Denmark 79.26
6 Sony (SNE) Japan 79.05
7 Daimler Germany 79.03
8 Canon (CAJ) Japan 78.07
9 Intel (INTC) U.S. 77.56
10 Volkswagen Germany 77.33
11 Microsoft (MSFT) U.S. 77.29
12 Nike (NKE) U.S. 76.92
13 Panasonic (PC) Japan 76.84
14 Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) U.S. 76.75
15 Nokia (NOK) Finland 76.17
16 Nestle Switzerland 76.01
17 Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) U.S. 75.90
18 Michelin France 75.75
19 L’Oréal France 75.72
20 Kellogg’s (K) U.S.

41 Eastman Kodak (EK) U.S.
43 Samsung Electronics South Korea
47 Fujifilm Japan

Link: World’s Most Reputable Comapnies (Top 100 list)

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3 Responses to “World’s Most Reputable Companies”

  1. Don Faust says:

    Why is it important for you to point out that Nikon did not make the list?

    I don’t why everyone thinks this is a camera survey study – it’s not. It’s simply a study of the “The World’s Most Reputable Companies” as reported by Forbes. It has perhaps very little to do with cameras. Companies like Starbucks are on the list! As far as the the study is concerned, it also did not reveal anything about service – only PERCEIVED reputation. So this actually makes sense – companies like Sony, who makes everything electronic is going to have a bigger consumer mindset. Canon makes copiers, printers, etc. And Kodak, while not a big camera player, is HUGE is sensors and other camera related manufacturing. Means nothing in my mind if you are trying to figure why Nikon is not on the list.

    • Jonathan Eger says:

      I mentioned that they were not on the list because when I think of photography, the first two companies that come to mind are Canon and Nikon (probably because I am focused on DSLR’s and not P&S’s). Most people don’t realize however that Nikon had the third largest digital camera market sales in 2010, behind Sony. I suspect, as you have mentioned, that other camera companies made the list because they have a wider range of products which general consumers are more aware of. I have nothing against Nikon, nor was I trying to belittle them. As far as I am concerned, Canon and Nikon are comparable; similar to the whole Pepsi/Coca Cola debate. Different brands for different tastes.