Xerox Aesthetic Quality Image Search

Xerox is currently working on software that is able to determine if a photograph has good or bad aesthetic quality. This is obviously a difficult task considering the plethora of topics, as well as having to determine what makes a photograph aesthetically pleasing. Of course there will be photographs marked as bad that you may think look good, or vice versa, but I still think it is a challenge worth pursuing.

Many methods for image classification are based on recognition of parts — if you find some wheels and a road, then the picture is more likely to contain a car than a giraffe. But what about quality? What is it about a picture of a building or a flower or a person that makes the image stand out from the hundreds which are taken with a digital camera every day? Here we tackle the difficult task of trying to learn automatically what makes an image special, and makes photo enthusiasts mark it as high quality.
Experiment with our newest application (still in the alpha stages!) which retrieves a group of images from a class, and then tries to predict which ones are normal, and which ones are of high quality. Do you agree with the system?


[PetaPixel via Quesabesde]

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